Why Does Double Glazing Get Condensation On The Inside?

Why Does Double Glazing Look Misty?

Double glazing units are formed by two panes of glass with a gap between them. Depending on the rating of your double glazing, air or gas is trapped between the two panes and sealed in to create an insulating barrier. 

It’s only when this seal fails that condensation can build up on the inside of your windows causing them to appear misted up.

In addition to looking unsightly, the insulating benefits of the double glazed window are lost and the unit has become unstable.

The pressure of the air or gas reinforces the overall structure and stability of the unit. Without it, the glass panes will be flexible, fragile and dangerous.

why does my double glazing get condensation on the inside

What Caused The Seal To Break?

Whilst many people expect that doubled glazed windows will never need replacing. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

Sealed double glazing units have a limited life span. For the highest-quality of installations, replacements may not be needed for up to 30 years. Some experts say that 20 years is a reasonable life expectancy.

Another likely cause is the use of chemical cleaners. These can cause the sealant to break down and allow moisture to seep in.

why does my double glazing get condensation on the inside

What Can Be Done To Prevent Double Glazing From Failing?

  1. When choosing which windows to install make sure that you choose the best quality units you can afford. At Abelglass we fit all our units with 28mm advanced performance, low emission glass and fill them with Argon gas.
  2. When cleaning the windows don’t use any solvents or harsh chemical cleaners. A simple solution of warm soapy water will remove any grime without damage to the sealant.
  3. Run your fingers around the beading that holds the glazed unit in the uPVC frame. If you notice that any part of this is not holding firmly, it may need re-applying to prevent moisture collecting in the frame.

Can A Failed Double Glazing Unit Be Repaired?

Whilst there are many companies offering a repair service, where the unit is drilled and the condensation is removed, it’s not something that we at Abelglass recommend.

Any repairs that can be made do not address the underlying issue as to why the unit failed in the first place. Additionally, the cost of high performance, Argon gas filled replacement is not too dissimilar to a repair. 

Simply put, there is no fix for a failed or ‘blown’ double glazing unit, unfortunately. It will need to be replaced.

If you’ve got double glazing with condensation on the inside, speak to Abelglass today to find out about the best replacement for you.

why does my double glazing get condensation on the inside

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