COP26 – Striving for a Greener Future

Colder winters & rising energy costs – what’s your pledge?

We’ve been hearing from the world’s leaders outlining their climate commitments to a global audience at Glasgow’s COP26 global climate summit. They’ve pledged to accelerate action and, somewhere down the line, we’re all expected to see how we must fit in with their agenda for change.

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Like many of you, we listen with a renewed enthusiasm to support these changes. However, it’s also easy to quickly lose momentum.  Frustrated by how inaccessible, time-consuming and expensive making these changes are.

For example, our wish list at Abelglass includes mobile, industrial-size post-consumer glass crushing machines, a fleet of electric vehicles and much more. However, there is still lots we can do in our day to day lives.

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Here’s how you can play your part

Making improvements and changing aspects of your property can really make big changes to your energy usage.

So, we’ve put together some brilliant ways to cut down on your energy usage and the bills you pay.


Draught proofing is one of the cheaper alternatives of energy saving, keeping your house warmer and saving you money.

Small little fixes can go a long way in making your home feel more compact and secure. There are many ways to go about draught proofing your house.

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Using draught excluders under doors is really effective, especially in your living room.

If you have one or two doors/windows that need draught-proofing then a DIY approach could be effective. However, if you have an older house with a lot of single glazed windows then installing double-glazing would be a better option.

Heating System

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When it comes to boilers, it varies depending on the size of your house. Smaller houses tend to use combi boilers while larger houses use heat-only boilers, regardless of the name, they are both condensing boilers that are the most energy-efficient. Being 25% more efficient than non-condensing boilers (Which?).

Converting to a condensing boiler could save you around £45 to £300 as suggested by the Energy Savings Trust.

Having a gas boiler compared to an electric boiler is cheaper to run and you get more for your money.

Windows & Doors


The effect uPVC double glazing windows have on heating and cooling costs are impressive. Homeowners save up to 40% just by replacing their windows and doors with new double glazed ones.

How Does It Work?

Double glazing allows your house to retain its heat, in fact, it can reduce heat escaping by 50%. A huge change that not only makes your house energy efficient but is a huge factor with potential buyers if you look to sell/let this house.

If you’re worried about the process of changing your windows and doors you don’t need to.

Our friendly expert team have decades of experience between them and will make sure the process goes without a hitch. This means you’ll be stress-free and toasty warm before you know it.

Whatever Takes Your Fancy


We have a huge range of windows and doors in both uPVC and composite. Stocking big name brands such as DoorStop & Pilkingtons in a wide range of colours and designs.

If you need a bespoke size or look for your property we’ve got you covered. We can create glass cut to size in our factory in Blackpool.

You can browse our range of Windows & Doors and download our brochures here… https://www.abelglass.co.uk/

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