Safety Screens & Social Distancing – The New Work Normal

Businesses in England are beginning to get back to work. However, safety screens, hand sanitiser and one-way-systems are the new normal for keeping workers and the general public safe.

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Many businesses around the country are happily throwing open their doors to employees and customers alike. Factories, offices and some shops have been operating since mid-June. And now many bars, cafes and restaurants are set to open on the 4th of July. This is the good news that the country has been waiting for. However, there are some important safety measures which must be in place before a business can re-open.

Five Things To Do Before Re-opening

Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment

Check the HSE guidance, speak with staff or trade unions and share the results of the risk assessment with staff and on your website.

Create Hygiene Procedures

Encourage hand washing and hygiene by providing hand sanitiser around the workplace and in washrooms.  Make sure objects and surfaces are frequently cleaned and disinfected, especially busy areas.

Enable Working From Home

Businesses should enable people to work from home by supplying the right equipment and providing access to communication tools and relevant information.

Maintain Social Distancing

Wherever possible people should keep to a 2m distance from one another. This should be implemented by enforcing a one-way system, displaying signs to remind workers and visitors of social distancing guidance.  Use floor tape or paint to mark areas to help people keep to a 2m distance.

From the 4th of July, social distancing can be amended where necessary to 1m plus. However, 2m is still the ideal we should aim for.

Manage Transmission Risk

Wherever it is not possible to maintain a 2m distance the activity time should be as short as possible. Shared spaces such as offices and reception areas need safety screens or barriers to separate people from each other.

safety screens

Shared Spaces

Open-plan offices, manufacturing spaces and reception areas should have the minimum amount of people possible spaced 2m apart. However, this is not always possible. Where this situation arises safety screens can be used to separate people from each other. These screens could be installed between desks in office environments, between workstations in manufacturing and on the front desk of reception areas.

Close Contact Services

For close contact services such as hairdressing or beauty it isn’t possible to maintain 2m distancing. On these occasions, workers will wear PPE such as face masks and visors to protect the clients. Safety screens or barriers should also be used to separate clients from one another.

Till Points & Customer Service

Wherever a transaction must take place it is not feasible to keep a 2m distance between the shop worker and the customer. This is where safety screens are very effective. Many shops are requesting contactless payment methods and have a protective screen with a portion cut-away for the transaction to take place. The combination of safety screen and contactless payment means that there needn’t be any physical contact between the worker and customer. Protective screens can also be used at customer service or reception points.

safety screens

Glass Safety Screens

Here at Abelglass we have installed our own glass safety screens within our showroom till point area and throughout our factory. Made from 6mm clear toughened glass with polished edges and radius corners our screens are both stylish and very durable.  As you can see in the picture above we have also included an internal cut-out area for our till point so that transactions can take place.

Available For Businesses To Buy

Our glass safety screens are now available to buy directly from our factory. They are available in the following standard sizes:

800 x 800mm – £135 + vat

1000 x 1000mm – £160 + vat

We can produce glass safety screens in any size you require, simply get in touch with our friendly team who will provide you with a quote for your requirements.

safety screens

All of our screens are supplied with business-grade portable screen feet.

These feet are produced specifically for use with tempered glass are fully adjustable and feature an anti-slip base.

If your business needs a durable and well-made safety screen then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.


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