Protect Your House With New Guttering, Cladding, Soffits and Fascias

soffits and fascias

Are you itching to give your house a spring clean?  It’s well worth including the outside too!

New guttering, soffits and fascias and cladding not only make your house look a million dollars, but they also protect it too.

Sagging gutters and decaying timber cladding is not only unsightly, but it’s also not doing its job. This is because the main purpose of soffits, fascia board and guttering is to protect your house from the elements. 

soffits and fascias

Good quality fascias, soffits and guttering, are essential for any property as they protect your home from expensive water damage and nesting birds.

You can even match your cladding to your uPVC windows!
By replacing old guttering and soffits or decaying timber with new uPVC products you will have a long-term solution which is maintenance-free and cost-effective.
The main benefits of uPVC cladding, soffits, fascias and guttering include:

  • High-performance materials
  • A clean profile and finish
  • Ventilation systems
  • Weatherproof
  • Maintenance-free – never need painting
  • Cost-effective


Quality guttering and downpipes create a durable rainwater system which will protect your home from water damage. They do this by safely channelling rainwater away from the brickwork and foundations of your house. Their main purpose is to ensure there is efficient drainage of water from your roof. 

uPVC guttering is a durable and weatherproof material which combined with solid gutter unions allow for thermal expansion and contraction. 

soffits and fascias

Fascia Board And Soffits 

Fascia boards are the long, straight boards which run along the bottom edge of the roof. If fitted correctly they should conceal and protect the ends of your roof rafters from the weather. 

Good quality fascia boards are made from solid, durable and impact-resistant board. This is so that it can support the weight of the guttering keeping it in place. This is especially important in extreme weather conditions. 

Soffits fit underneath the fascia board creating a seal which also helps to ventilate the inside of the roof.  A soffit exists to improve the look of the roof overhang and bridge the gap between the siding and roof edge.

Our soffits and fascias include a ventilation system which not only protects the house, it also prevents damp and condensation. The made-to-measure uPVC soffit boards match perfectly with our fascia boards and create a really clean look. 

Bargeboards are also available for the sloping edges of a roof. They are essentially the same as Fascia boards and are available in the same high-quality material.

Our fascia and soffit ventilation system create a rainproof join which will protect your roof and walls from water. This ventilation system also prevents the build-up of condensation and dry rot. Additionally, we can fit a bird comb which keeps birds from nesting. 

We can match fascias, soffits, guttering, cladding and bargeboards to new or existing uPVC windows and door frames. Not only protecting your home but really completing the look.

soffits and fascias


uPVC cladding shields the front of your house from the weather and gives it a really fresh and clean appearance. 

A durable and weather-resistant material, uPVC cladding is the perfect solution for covering problem brickwork. It is also a really good way of giving your house a new look with a practical but interesting new feature. 

If you have existing rotten timber cladding then replacing it with uPVC is an easy job. 

Our uPVC cladding is low-maintenance as it never needs painting and is weather-resistant.

It is also perfect for adding extra thermal insulation.

soffits and fascias

A Good Investment

Our range of uPVC soffits and fascias, guttering and cladding are all available to match your existing windows and doors. All of our products are cost-effective, durable, weather-resistant and low maintenance.

Fitting is performed by our expert installers and is clean and hassle-free. 

So, give your house the makeover it deserves before you face any costly repairs.

Contact us today on 01253 893355 or email enquiries@abelglass.co.uk

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