Coloured Glass Will Transform Your Home

Surround Yourself With Colour

Coloured glass is a fantastic way of incorporating colour into your home whilst also increasing light. Including your favourite colour in your surroundings will lift your mood and feeling of contentment.

Coloured Glass Will Light Up Your Room

Everyone has their favourite mug or perhaps a china cup to drink their morning coffee or tea. The reason it’s their favourite is usually down to the colour and design. By matching the glass on your splashback to your favourite mug your whole kitchen can feature your ‘happy colour’.  Maybe you have a photograph from a fondly remembered holiday. And you want a breakfast counter to exactly match the blue of the Mediterranean.

Whatever it is, and for whichever reason, everybody has a favourite colour that makes them smile.

There is also a psychology behind colour and why we naturally like or dislike different ones.

YELLOW is ‘Emotional’ and the most effective at raising optimism and self-esteem.

coloured glass

RED is a ‘Physical’ colour and is believed to actually stimulate the pulse rate.

BLUE is ‘Intellectual’  and can be both soothing and aid concentration.

coloured glass

GREEN representsBalance’ and is believed to offer reassurance and restoration.

coloured glass

Coloured Glass Can Really Brighten Up A Bathroom.

Often the smallest room in the house, a bathroom can sometimes feel dark and uninviting. By replacing tiles and shower curtains with glass you can increase the feeling of space without sacrificing colour and design.

From serene green to fresh and cool blue, your bathroom will look more inviting with a highlight of colour.

Glass is so versatile it can be used anywhere in your home. If you have a piece of art displayed in your bedroom you can match your dressing tabletop to one of the colours.

Colour Matched Glass

We use state-of-the-art technology which ensures we can match the exact colour of your sample.  Whether it’s wallpaper or your favourite mug, as long as it’s a solid colour, we can scan it and create your glass to match.

We create a huge variety of different products using our specialist glass. From glass tabletops and shelves, balconies and balustrades, splashbacks, countertops and panels, the possibilities are endless. And with our colour match service, it will all be in your unique colour.

You can pick out a name for your colour and we will save it so that you can come back for more items. So, when you decide to add a kitchen counter in “Claire’s Favourite Turquoise” we’ll know exactly what to do.

We Love Colour!

Everything from vibrant orange to subtle green. We believe that it can transform a room and your mood with it.

Take a look at our Colour Match page for more information and check out our Customer Projects to see our work in action.

If you want to talk about adding coloured glass in your home we’ll be happy to talk.

Contact Us on 01253 893355 or email enquiries@abelglass.co.uk

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