Ways to use decorative glass for interior design

When it comes to giving your house a sense of your own individual style, many think to decorate the walls or buy furniture. But one material many do not consider that can create a splash of uniqueness to your home is decorative glass.

Today, we’ll be breaking down the way glass can be used for all aspects of your house. From your windows to your furniture.

Your own personal style

Glass as a material has been used in art pieces for years and years. Glass has such a sleek look that fits any kitchen style you want in your house, rustic, marble or otherwise.

Using glass splashbacks in your kitchen not only has a pristine quality to it but allows for easier maintenance for cleaning. It also removes the hassle of scrubbing the grout in tiles.

Glass splashbacks are also versatile. If you’re worried about it breaking under the heat of your stove or oven do not fear, our glass splashbacks are heat resistant and durable so you can cook to your heart’s content while all the basics are covered.

They are also customisable, they can match any colour. So if your kitchen is all black or a specific shade of blue, we’ve got it covered.

Along with this, glass splashbacks can be more cut and shaped to fit your specifications. This feature, on the surface may be simple, but it can be just the thing your kitchen needs to pop with its colour and sleek design.

Check out our colour match service to find out more.

Taking your home to the next level

decorative glass

Utilising glass on your stairs as a staircase is a subtle way to create an effective sleek feature.  Glass staircases aren’t just for decoration either, it can elevate your hallway/landing and make it seem more spacious.

Using glass isn’t just an element that can just be used inside your house, glass can be used for balconies that take your house to a whole new level. 

Glass balconies don’t block the view of your house and their durability means you and your family are safe to enjoy the view. It doesn’t compromise the style of your house, glass can be moulded and shaped to flatter your space and create a sleek yet homely feel to a space that many homeowners don’t consider.

decorative glass

Top of the table

Using glass in your furniture is something a lot of homeowners are starting to incorporate. Say you have a coffee table that you want to protect from wear and tear while giving it a sleek finish, a glass top does that for you.

Don’t worry about it smashing, as mentioned before, the glass we use at Abelglass is durable and strong. 

It adds a three-dimensional aspect, turning a standard table into a conversational piece when guests come to visit. As well as this, glass shelving is a simplistic yet visually appealing aspect. 

The almost invisible effect glass shelving provides directs eyes to what’s on the shelves and gives off the impression of less it more.

glass dining table

Creating your own sanctuary

Your bathroom/shower room should be your hub of relaxation in your home, so making sure it feels that way is essential.

Using frosted glass for shower enclosures and shower screens gives a simple touch yet does so much. As mentioned before, the simplistic yet sleek design adds a touch of class to your room and elevates your bathroom/shower room.

decorative glass

A clear welcome

One essential piece of your house, arguably the most essential aspect of your home is your door. Using and incorporating glass into your doors maybe your patio doors or even your front door. 

Using glass doors not only looks effective and clean, but it also has environmental factors to it. It is a great way to preserve energy, allowing natural light to shine-free and make your house energy efficient. For more information visit our website abelglass.co.uk for more information on this.

As well as our splashback boards, we make our glass customisable to your taste and interior style. So there are just a few possibilities glass can present when incorporating it into your interior design.

Finishing touch

It is a subtle way to bring your house into the modern age. For instance, if your house has a rustic and vintage style to it and you want to incorporate more modern elements into it without ruining it, glass won’t compromise that. Our expert team and our amazing materials are a must for homeowners looking into this so if you’re interested please get in touch. You can give us a call at 01253 893355 or email us at enquires@abelglass.co.uk


Victorian Style Bathroom Ideas – Get The Look

Victorian Style Bathroom Inspiration

The hottest trend in interiors is definitely the victorian style bathroom. Whether you have a period home or a sleek new build this trend will suit your smallest room.

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After staying indoors for most of 2020 we have become a nation obsessed with interior design.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled all of our favourite ways to get the victorian style bathroom look to suit your home.

Get The Look

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From gold or copper accents to freestanding baths and victorian style shower furniture there are lots to choose from. We’ve collected together our favourite trends to give your bathroom the wow factor

Mixing The Old And New 

A really fresh way to incorporate the victorian look in your bathroom is to use traditional style fittings with an updated colour scheme or sleeker look. Choosing black for your shower fittings, taps or bigger bathroom items will give it more of an industrial look. This fits particularly well in newer houses and looks amazing when teamed with fresh white brick style tiles. We love this shower fitting and sink from UK Bathrooms.

Using a classic tap fitting in chrome also looks great when paired with a simple but classic bath, wooden flooring and panelled walls. The simple and modern look really compliments the decorative design of the taps.

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Another great way to mix the old and new is to combine sleek lines with decorative pieces. For example, a glass shower screen and bath with very simple lines look fantastic when paired with a decorative shower fitting. White Victorian style pedestal sinks also look great against sleek white walls and black framed mirrors.

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Antique Mirror – Aged Glass

An emerging trend in bathrooms is the use of a distressed or antique mirror. Many bathrooms are small and lack natural light, therefore using mirrors on the walls really magnifies the light. By using an antique mirror you can amplify the light effect, whilst creating a stylish Victorian look.

We recently installed these bespoke antique mirrors along a full wall in a customers bathroom. Combined with their stunning free-standing bath and made to measure glass shower enclosure, the overall look is really effective.

We can create many different distressed effects on both glass and mirror, as well as etched designs in any size to suit perfectly finished with bevelled edges.

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You can find more inspiration about using mirrors in your home in our blog below.

Using Mirrors In Interior Design

Gold & Rose Gold

Gold is the perfect pop of colour for a victorian style bathroom, it’s both classic and luxurious and looks amazing paired with white porcelain. The beautiful gold freestanding filler tap looks fabulous above a classic freestanding bath, adding a splash of personality to an otherwise sleek bathroom. Another favourite is this stylish Vitra water jewels round bathroom basin with matching gold taps.

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Rose gold is everywhere in homeware and it also looks great in the bathroom. From decorative but modern shower fittings to ornate high-level toilets like this Chatsworth model available from Victorian Plumbing. Rose gold is a trend that looks like it’s here to stay.

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Another classic when it comes to metallics in bathrooms is copper. Slightly more traditional than rose gold, copper can also add a serious pop of luxury. Like the stunning Belle de Louvain copper and enamel bath from Victoria Plum which is a real statement piece for any bathroom. We also love the simplicity of the VitrA Origin copper shower fitting which looks beautiful against white tiles coupled with a glass shower screen. With any statement shower fitting, you want to show it off. That’s why a glass shower screen or enclosure is the perfect way to finish off your copper shower as it enhances rather than hides it.

Copper also looks fantastic when used for a modern or traditional radiator which combines usability and a focal point.

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High-level Toilets

When you think about victorian style bathrooms a classic high-level toilet always springs to mind. There are some beautiful pieces on the market with many different design features to suit any style. Whether you are going for a more modern look or you want a style which incorporates gold there are many to choose from.

We especially like the Silverdale which is decorated with a blue garden pattern on the cistern, available from Victorian Plumbing.

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Freestanding Baths

There is nothing more synonymous with a victorian style bathroom that a freestanding bath. With their curved lines and ornate feet, they are both beautiful and comfortable to use. There are some really beautiful coloured baths available and the two below which are available in blue really look the part. Teamed with matching tiles or paired with a sleek white bathroom, a traditional freestanding bath will really complete your bathroom.

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If you want to opt for a more modern look there are also some really sleek options available. These beautiful oval-shaped baths sit flush with the floor and don’t have the clawed feet. This means that they have a much more modern look but also look great teamed with traditional fittings. If you are wanting to future-proof your bathroom but want to use the victorian style fittings they are a great option.

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Plan Your Project

Hopefully, we’ve given you lots of ideas and inspiration to plan your bathroom renovation.

If you’re looking for made to measure mirrors, or a shower screen or enclosure to complete the look then get in touch with our friendly staff to chat about your ideas.

Using Mirrors In Interior Design

Make An Entrance

A mirror is the best way to make the most of your entrance space. It’s often a small and dark area which is hard to dress, so making the most of any light by using mirrors is a smart choice.

using mirrors

To make the most of the light you need to hang your mirror opposite where the light enters the space. Extra points for hanging it on the longest wall as this will make the whole area look bigger. A custom made mirror which is the perfect size for your wall will always be the best fit. But, you can choose any size, shape or type of mirror. Just make sure that it fits with the rest of your decor.

Mirrored Bathroom Walls

Another room which is traditionally small is the bathroom or en-suite. Using mirrors will immediately change the perception of space and the room will appear bigger as if by magic.

A large mirror above the sink will look clean and reflect huge amounts of light back into the room. It looks especially good when it fits perfectly to the wall with no spaces around it.

mirrored bathroom

Another option is to completely cover the walls of your bathroom with plate mirrors making the whole room feel bright. Make the most of the effect that the mirrors create by teaming them with light coloured walls and reflective accessories. A down-light at the top of the mirror or a strip light around the edges will help to minimise shadows.

bathroom mirror

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Using mirrors as a decorative accessory for the walls in your home means you can get really creative.

using mirrors

For maximum creativity, you can create a ‘mosaic’ of mirrors to create a really interesting piece of art for your wall. Using triangular shapes will create light and depth, magnifying the space.

using mirrors

A simple round mirror can look amazing if you choose an interesting way to hang it. The one above has been mounted using two leather belts and makes a great statement piece. If you have something in mind to hang a mirror why not a piece of mirror made to the exact size that you need to make sure it’s perfect.

Another really interesting way to use mirrors is to hang a variety of complementary mirrors as you would pictures or paintings. Choose mirrors which are similar shapes for a really cohesive look. You could also pick out shapes in your wallpaper or furniture by having mirrors made in those shapes like the ones in the picture below which mimic the artwork and wallpaper.

using mirrors

Mirrored Surfaces

Mirrors aren’t just for the bathroom or living area walls, they look equally amazing in the kitchen.

mirrored splashback

Using a mirror as a splashback in a kitchen looks AMAZING. You can have the mirror cut to the exact size that you need as you would a glass splashback. It reflects the light bouncing it around the room which is perfect for a darker room. The mirrored images also make the room look bigger and the reflective surface looks very contemporary.

glass splashback

A black glass splashback also creates a mirrored effect and creates similar effects by reflecting and magnifying the light making the whole room look larger.

Mirrored Furniture

Placing mirrors on the outside of sliding wardrobe doors is a great way to make the most of the light in your room and is really practical too. You can have pieces of toughened mirror created to the exact dimensions of your doors to give a really clean and seamless look.

mirrored wardrobes

Another trick is to place a mirror on a table and put a lamp on top of it. This will reflect the light coming from the lamp and create a lovely warm glow. Covering the top of a dressing or bedside table is also a great way to introduce light to a bedroom and make the most of your space.

If you are itching to try out these ideas in your home but need a mirror which is just right for your space then give our friendly team a call.

Bespoke Mirrors

We produce mirrors in all shapes and sizes. From simple bathroom pieces, unique pieces to add a focal point for your bedroom, or a large piece to give a more spacious perspective to a living room.

All of our mirrors are made to measure to create the perfect addition to your home. We work with you on all of the fine details, to ensure your design is uniquely yours.

Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team to discuss your perfect mirror.

How To Install Composite Decking

Composite materials have revolutionised home design. From stylish doors to worktops they are versatile and very hardwearing, and the same can be said about composite decking.

If you want an outdoor area that looks good, is anti-slip and doesn’t require lots of maintenance (who’s got time for sanding and re-painting every year) then composite decking is the choice for you.

composite decking

First Of All, What Is Composite Decking?

The reason that composite decking is so durable is that it is made from a mix of wood flour and PVC which creates an extremely strong material. This makes it weatherproof and stain-resistant.

It’s also ecological, very low maintenance and comes in lots of different colours. You can choose a traditional wood colour or a modern shade of grey.

Loads Of Choice

Available in different finishes, thicknesses and widths, composite decking can be used almost anywhere. You can use it to create a flat deck or a raised platform with steps, you can even create a bridge with it or use it for the surrounding area of a pond or pool.

There are a number of really good brands that supply composite decking including DuoFuse.

How To Install Composite Decking

The composite decking which we supply comes in both hollow and solid form that will not rot, swell, splinter or warp. They come as a complete system with all necessary fittings and accessories to make fitting them easy.

Aluminium Substructure

An aluminium substructure forms the foundations of the decking and guarantees an easy and fast assembly of the composite decking boards.

The composite decking boards can be installed either 35 mm or 48,5 mm from the ground. No screws or nails are required thanks to the specially designed clips boards which are fastened to the wood composite beams. The boards come in various finishes from the smooth brushed finish to rough ribbed with matching skirting boards and clips.

This system is proven to be 50% faster to install than traditional wooden decking and has many fantastic features, including:

  • Faster assembly
  • Straight beams
  • Lightweight
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy installation
  • 100% recyclable
  • Pre-drilling not necessary
  • Invisible fixing

Now you know the basics here’s a step-by-step guide to fitting your deck.

Basic Fitting Guidelines

fitting composite decking

Step One – The Ground

It’s important to make sure that the ground where you want to install your decking is suitable and prepared. The ground must:

  • Have sufficient ventilation under the boards so that they can dry after a shower.
  • Be flat and stable.
  • Have a slope of 10mm every meter in the direction of the board so that the water can drain and not remain on, in or under the board.

Step Two – Fixing The Beams

  • The decking boards are installed on beams so the next step is to install them.
  • Align all beams, so that the starter clips can be fixed at the front of every beam.
  • The distance between the beams should be a maximum 500mm. ( You must also Install an extra beam 200mm from the first and the last beam at the beginning and the end of the decking.)
  • Beams should be fixed to a concrete foundation or on a supporting structure every 500mm.

ventilate decking

Step Three – Fixing The Boards

  • Boards should be placed in the same direction (there is a mark on the inner side of every board).
  • Boards should be placed 5mm/m apart to allow expansion, with a minimum of 15mm away from every wall.
  • Holes must be pre-drilled before fixing the clips.
  • The first and last board must be fixed using starter and finishing clips. The next board after the first can then be inserted into the previous clips and secured on the beams with standard clips.
  • Butting clips allow the boards to be joined lengthways with spacing between the short sides of 10mm.
  • Once all boards are installed the starter and finishing clips must be installed at the end of all boards.
  • The boards must not overhang the last support beam by more than 50mm..
  • The terrace can be finished with a skirt or L-Profile.

Composite decking is also suitable for higher placement such as on roof terraces. You can use polypropylene pedestals that allow heights of more than 200 mm.

Finishing Touches

Now you’ve installed your decking you’ll need a safe way to finish it off. If you’re decking is raised then it’s especially important to consider safety, particularly if you have small children. The right decking balustrade will finish your decking off, make sure it looks great AND it’s safe.

There are lots of options to choose from for the edges of your decking. You can incorporate seating or raised flower beds or be finished with some edging and left open. However, if your decking is raised from the ground it is sensible to have some form of fencing or a decking balustrade in place. This can be achieved with wood or a composite material, however, this can spoil the view into your garden.

fence for decking

Glass Decking Balustrades

Another option is toughened safety glass which can be installed using hardware which perfectly matches your decking and general outside area. Toughened glass is really low maintenance, strong, weather-proof and won’t rust or rot. This type of safety glass is designed to be heat and impact resistant and is completely safe for use in and out of the home. It can provide the finishing touch to your decking area and won’t interrupt your view of the garden.

outdoor balustrade

What Are You Waiting For

If your patio is crying out for a makeover then composite decking boards are a great solution for an easy to install, low-maintenance but very stylish deck.

Made from extremely durable material and supplied with a complete system of fittings and accessories, they make both fitting and maintaining fast and hassle-free.

If you’re looking for an outdoor glass balustrade to complete your decking then get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help you.

Give Your Patio A Makeover With New Decking Balustrade, A Lick Of paint Or Some Accessories

There are lots of things to consider when creating or upgrading a decked area. Wood or composite panels, light or dark colour, open-ended or a decking balustrade to finish it off? 

Good decking is the perfect way to bring the outside in. Wide patio doors opening on to a flush decking area extends your living space and brings fresh air into your home. Equally, a separate decked area within your garden can create a little oasis away from it all. 

The possibilities are endless, so here’s some inspiration to help you make your choice.

Which Material?


wooden decking

First up is standard deck board which is available from lots of different hardware stores. The one pictured to the left is standard deck board and the one to the right is patio deck tile

Profiled deck board has a ridged surface finish and is pressure treated to prevent rot.  It can be very affordable and looks very natural and in keeping with the garden surroundings. However, this type of board is prone to splitting and rot and requires maintenance on a regular basis.

Patio deck tiles are designed for small decked areas and are very easy to install as they snap into place. These tiles are not as long-lasting as other types of wooden decking and can be ‘gappy’.

Both of the pictured products and can be purchased HERE and HERE.


composite decking

The other very popular alternative to wood is composite decking. This is made from a mix of wood flour and PVC which creates an extremely strong material. This durable material is ecological and very low maintenance. It is also available in lots of different colours. You can choose a traditional wood colour or a modern shade of grey. It also comes in various different finishes, thicknesses and widths. It is strong and both weather and stain-resistant, however,  it does tend to come with a higher price tag.  There are a number of really good brands out there including the products pictured above by DuoFuse. 


decking colours

Colour is a really good way to personalise your decking. If you are using wood there are lots of different wood stains out there which also give your deck a non-slip finish. There are also some fantastic paints which will really give your deck the wow factor. Owatrol has some amazing colours available, including the blue pictured above.

Decking Balustrade & Edging

glass decking balustrade

The right decking balustrade will give your decking a facelift making sure that it looks great AND it’s safe.

There are lots of options to choose from for the edges of your decking. It can be built up and incorporate seating or raised flower beds. If low level it can simply be finished with some edging and left open. However, if your decking is raised it is sensible to have some form of fencing or a decking balustrade in place. This can be achieved with wood or a composite material both of which can look really good. The only down-side to wooden or composite fencing is that it can spoil the view into your garden.

Glass Decking Balustrades

Another option is toughened safety glass which can be installed using hardware which matches your decking and general outside area. Toughened glass is a really low maintenance option to use as a decking balustrade. It is very strong, weather-proof and won’t rust or rot. This type of safety glass is designed to be heat and impact resistant and is completely safe for use in and out of the home. It can really provide the finishing touch to your decking area. Additionally, a glass balustrade doesn’t interrupt your view of the garden, but it does provide a level of safety especially if you have small children.

decking balustrade

glass decking balustrade

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are where you can really inject your personality into your decking area. Which furniture, lighting and accessories you choose will make all the difference.



There are some beautiful lighting options out there. From sleek hard-wired lighting such as the Gaspard Outdoor Sconce (left) to the more whimsical battery-powered Howser 10-Light Festoon Light (bottom right) which are both available from Wayfair. Low-level and flush solar options are also available. A really good example is the Lincoln Solar Decking Light (top right) which is available from The Solar Centre. These lights which use soar power are both stylish and affordable.

Home Comforts

patio heaters

The best thing about relaxing outdoors on your decking is the home comforts which are readily available. You can get cosy and read a book or enjoy a drink in complete comfort.

There are some really stylish options out there to keep you warm once the sun has gone down in the evening. Here are a few of our favourites.

There’s nothing more comforting than a soft blanket to cosy up with. The beautiful Herringbone Blankets from Weaver Green are hand-woven using recycled plastic bottles each. Soft and cosy like wool, they are stain-resistant and easy to clean so they are perfect for outdoors.

Patio heaters are also a great way to keep you warm and we love this Salvador Lamp Style Electric Heater from Homebase. An alternative heat source is a fire pit. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes and give a rustic touch to your decking. The Ivy Line Square Firepit from John Lewis is contemporary and lightweight and really looks the part.

***If you are going to use a fire pit on your decking you must use a ceramic base to sit it on, you can get more advice from wherever you decide to purchase your fire pit from***

Summer Ready

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to update your outdoor area! If you have any questions about decking or decking balustrades don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All of our glass balustrades are made from safety glass and can be cut to size and made to fit your deck perfectly. We also offer frosted and coloured glass and we have lots of ideas to make your outdoor area really special.

You can call us on 01253 893355 or email enquiries@abelglass.co.uk


Brighten Up Your Hallway With A Glass Staircase

Do you struggle with a dark and uninviting entrance hall or staircase? This is a very common problem and many people do. However, your problem can be solved with the right decor, some cleverly placed accessories and a glass staircase.


A feature light fitting at the top of the stairs will not just provide light it will also immediately draw your eye up towards the lightest part of your staircase.

The ideal light fitting would be modern, bright and bold; glass, chandelier-like fittings work really well. This one from John Lewis would be perfect.

glass light

If you have low ceilings at the foot of the stairs then avoid pendant light fixtures as they will make the ceiling seem lower. To further increase light you can invest in low-level lighting set into the skirting.

low lights

You want your lighting to create an impact so layering it with multiple light sources will have the most affect. You can add more light by using table lamps which match your decor which will provide soft lighting.


Choosing light colours for the walls and ceilings will create a feeling of space and lightness. This is because pale colours and tones will refract natural daylight making your hallway appear larger.

glass staircase

Our eyes are also automatically drawn to lighter areas so keep your floor darker than the walls.

The best way to do this is by using two contrasting colours, light for the walls and ceiling and dark for the woodwork and flooring.

You can also use a carpet runner to draw the eye upwards and make your staircase appear taller. Using a pattern or even better a stripe will further draw the eye upwards and add a stylish flourish to your stairs.

striped carpet

Glass Staircase

Glass is by far the best material to reflect light and create the illusion of space and light. A glass staircase will make your stair and hallway appear larger. If you like traditional wood you can team your glass staircase with oak on top, or if you prefer a modern aesthetic you can use chrome fixtures and fittings.

glass staircase

Using glass panels instead of traditional spindles allows light to flood the entire hallway and will streamline your staircase.

At Abelglass Design we will create a bespoke glass staircase to fit your home perfectly. All of our glass balustrades are manufactured from toughened or laminated safety glass using the latest technology. The glass staircase will then be fitted in either a sleek, modern, steel or warm hardwood fitting.

glass staircase

Glass Door

The final touch to really make the most of the natural light available is to choose a front door with lots of glass. Allowing as much natural light from windows and doors into the hallway as possible will make it feel brighter and bigger.

There are so many options to choose, from etched or frosted designs to coloured glass. You can choose the door which matches both the outside and inside of your home.

glass door

Let Us Do It For You

If you want to brighten up your staircase then we are here to help. Our highly skilled staff will design a glass staircase which is perfect for your space. We only use top quality products and our workmanship is second to none.

You can take a look at more examples of our glass balustrades here.

If you would like to find out how a glass staircase can brighten up your entrance then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01253 893355 or email us at enquiries@abelglass.co.uk

Increase Natural Light With These Top Five Tips

Have you ever wondered how to increase natural light in your home?

Does your lounge or bathroom always seem gloomy no matter what you try? You’re not alone! This is a very common problem interior designers are asked to solve all the time.

A bright and well-lit space isn’t just inviting, it increases your overall mood too. So, if you’re sick of glaring lightbulbs and you want rooms which feel bathed in natural light then read on.

There are a number of ways in which you can make the most of the natural light coming into your home. Here’s our top five.

Number One, Glass Doors

The most effective way to bring more natural light into a room is by installing doors that let the light pass through. This might mean replacing solid panels with decorative glass or installing sleek and modern sliding glass doors.

natural light

Traditional hinged doors can also be entirely made of glass and suspended glass doors and panels can replace interior walls.  If you’re looking to brighten up a gloomy room then opening up space with glass doors and partitions is the perfect solution.

natural light

Bi-fold, French and patio doors are also a fantastic way to open up your space to the outdoors. There is a huge range available, take a look at some ideas here.

Number Two, Windows 

The position and size of the windows in your room have an enormous effect on the amount of light which flows into it. Depending on the size and style of your property, there are a huge variety of windows to suit any taste. From bespoke shaped or clerestory windows in hard to reach places to traditional sash windows for a period property windows are key. If you’re not sure what the possibilities are for windows in your home, contact an expert. Window design and manufacturers such as Abelglass can advise you on the perfect windows for you.

natural light

One more thing. Although obvious, by just cleaning your windows this will have a big impact on how much natural light enters the room. The cleaner they are, the more sunshine can enter.

Number Three, What’s Outside?

As mentioned in tip number two, windows are the best way of making the most of natural light. For this to be effective the light needs to be un-obstructed. Sounds obvious? It is, however, you’d be surprised at the number of homes with trees and plants blocking the light. Avoid planting trees on the southern side of your home, and trim any which are existing. Find out why here.   Make sure you trim plants or bushes which are in close vicinity to your windows. If the light can’t reach your windows, it won’t be able to brighten your room. Utilising space above your front door to add windows will also add more light.

natural light

Number Four, Mirrors

Allowing sunlight to bounce off reflective surfaces will double the amount of light in your room. Hanging a large mirror directly across from the largest window in your living room will have a huge impact. Similarly, a large mirror in a small bathroom will dramatically increase the feeling of light and space. In other more awkward spaces, you can hang an arrangement an of smaller mirrors to help brighten a dark hallway or ensuite.

natural light

Number Five, Flooring & Decor

Use light and bright wallpaper and paints, just make sure they have a warm tone to avoid a ‘clinical’ feeling. Matte finishes will also improve the feeling of natural light, as gloss paint produces a glare which actually reduces the sense of light. Another trick is to create a feature ceiling using gloss paint. Unlike gloss paint on the walls, this will reflect light and increase the feeling of space.

natural light

When your space needs additional light then paler wood flooring will help brighten up the room. Lighter colours are also perfect for well-used areas as scratches aren’t as obvious. Add metallics to your decor and accessories. Similarly to traditional mirrors, shiny surfaces will both reflect and increase the light in the room. Whether this means copper accents in your family room or a mirrored splashback in your kitchen, the possibilities are endless.

Glass Desk For A Fresh Office Look

A Glass Desk For Our Newest Member Of The Team

Being very busy bees, we’ve welcomed some new members to the team. And being a glass design business, we couldn’t have them sitting at any old desk!

So the team put their heads together and came up with the most fantastic glass desk!

glass desk

Not only is this desk beautiful, but due to its creative design, it’s also space-saving too. Made of frosted glass the screens add privacy, but also let in lots of light.

Is Your Office Due An Upgrade?

First impressions count and creating a professional image is important for any business. A well-designed office will create the right impression to customers and potential employees alike.

But it’s not just about how it looks. Research shows that the design of a workspace makes a huge impact on employees productivity.

“Modern offices know of the importance of light and design the space where people work to take advantage of the day’s natural light.” – The HubbleHQ

If you’re pushed for space but want to create the illusion of more light and space then glass furniture is the perfect solution.  An office facelift will improve the mood and productivity of staff. Something as simple as adding plants to the office is believed to increase work output by 15%.

[modula id=”1252″]

With our bespoke glass service, we can turn your office interior ideas into a reality.

Get in touch with our friendly team for a free no-obligation quotation.

Call 01253 839955  or email enquiries@abelglass.co.uk

Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Who doesn’t love designing and updating their home?

It’s so nice to give your hallway a lick of paint or some new linoleum in the bathroom. However, there aren’t many people lucky enough to be able to replace their entire kitchen on a regular basis. However, just like painting a wall changing your splashback will change the whole look of your kitchen. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top kitchen splashback ideas.

Tall Splashbacks

kitchen splashback

As featured in this Elle Decor Article.  Tall splashbacks which cover the entire wall are an emerging new trend.

“Tall backsplashes clad with heavily veined marble such as Arabascatto or Calacatta Oro will be making waves in high-brow design circles.” — Katharine Pooley

This sits very well with the new trend to have one wall clear of any cupboards. Instead, there is a feature wall with an interesting covering or feature shelving.

Mirrored Splashbacks

kitchen splashback ideas

Metallics are still everywhere in home interior design. Whether it’s copper handles or brushed chrome taps this trend is here to stay. The use of mirror instead of plain metal is a really interesting way of playing with this trend. The reflective material will create a feeling of space and increased light whilst also keeping in with the trend for metal.


Match your splashback to your appliances or accessories. The introduction of a ‘key’ colour into an otherwise monochromatic room is a huge trend for kitchens this year. Match your appliances, walls and accessories for a big impact.  We offer a colour-match service which means we can create a splashback in any colour you choose. Colour can really have a huge impact on any room.

Take a look at our blog to find out which colour suits your personality, and the effect of colour on your mood. Colour Can Transform Your Home.


kitchen splashback ideas

Black is the new grey! This year has seen a return to pure black and white rather than just grey tones. Gloss finishes on walls and cabinets add to the sharp to the crisp look of this trend.

Black feels fresh as crisp as white when used as a predominant or accent colour.  Using black as a splashback will add some drama without fully darkening your kitchen.  You can choose between a super shiny black glass splashback or a matte frosted effect.

Have You Decided?

Hopefully, we’ve whetted your appetite with our top kitchen splashback ideas. However, if you’ve got an idea that we haven’t featured here that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

If you’ve got an idea for a splashback in your kitchen or bathroom why not give us a call to discuss it?  If you can make it from glass there’s a good chance that Abelglass Design can make your ideas a reality.

Call our friendly team on 01253 893355 for a no-obligation quote or email enquiries@abeglass.co.uk 



Open Glass Shelves – Kitchen Trends

Open Glass Shelves Are A Key Trend In Kitchen Design.

There’s always something new in kitchen design, and open glass shelves are this years trend.

glass shelves

Featured in this Elle Article open shelving is a key trend for 2019.

“A trend I’m seeing is replacing kitchen upper cabinets with metal, wood or glass shelving. Inspired by hotel and retail spaces, this adds to the overall bold statements many want to make in their homes, forgoing the minimalism that was popular in years past.”  – Sara Ianniciello, Director of Design at Whitehall Interiors

glass shelves

This trend for open shelving is in line with another key look which is kitchens with no upper cabinets. In a move against the previously popular minimalist look, walls are now adorned with open glass shelves.

This allows the homeowner to proudly display their kitchen paraphernalia. And why not, after all, you are proud of your favourite set of plates or shiny copper pans.

Let The Light In.

Glass is the perfect material for shelving to show-off your kitchenalia and can be made to perfectly match the style of your kitchen. Whether you have a sleek monochromatic kitchen with brushed steel accessories. Or a country kitchen look with gold accents and marble tops you can create shelving to fit in seamlessly. Shelving is also something which can be updated regularly. You can change what you display, from plants to books to antique scales.

Choosing glass rather than wood or metal for shelving also maximises space and light. Creating the illusion of a more spacious kitchen. Glass will also reflect and amplify any colour or pattern which is covering the walls or surfaces.

glass shelves

Glass Shelves Just For You.

Abelglass’ bespoke glass cutting service means you can create glass shelves to fit perfectly into your kitchen. Whether its some tall and narrow ones to make the most out of unused space. Or a single statement shelf spanning a whole wall, Abelglass can create something uniquely yours. Our glass is available in a huge range of colours and finishes, from frosted to quartz effect. Ablelglass offer a colour matching service for all of our glass products. Which means you can match your shelving to your wallpaper or even a favourite cup.

We also have a huge range of hardware to finish off the look, to make sure that everything is spot-on.

Why Stop At The Kitchen.

Here at Abelglass, we create glass shelving suitable for anywhere in the home. From a shelf above the bathroom sink to space-saving shelves in a shower enclosure. If you can dream it, we can make it.

Get in touch with our friendly team of glass experts to bring your ideas to life.

Call us on 01253 893355 or email enquiries@ableglass.co.uk.

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