Making The Neighbours Green With Envy

Our lovely customer in South Shore, Blackpool inherited these French doors as their main entrance to the house when it was bought.

When constructed, these beautiful, imposing Victorian-era built properties were finished off with a solid wood front door, often featuring wonderfully ornate, brightly polished, brash door furniture.

Being so wide, the original wooden doors were specially crafted for that property. Finding a modern alternative to suit most pockets must’ve proved difficult as there are many houses down that same street to have done the same.

An unusually sized front door

front door south shore Blackpool making the neighbours green with envy

As is the case with our customer, many of the larger homes feature an internal porch and a part-glazed secondary door, allowing visitors to take off their coats and kick off their boots before entering the main house.

The crux of the problem is the distance between the opening of the front door and the step up into the hallway through that secondary door.

So, when our customer presented our surveyor with their ‘Dream Door’, he knew he could help straight away.

As an experienced, time-served, fully qualified joiner, our surveyor knew that if he were to set the door and its surround slightly forward, our customer could have exactly what they wanted.

…And here you have it!

Making The Neighbours Green With Envy

front door south shore Blackpool making the neighbours green with envy

A solid, composite door in ’agate grey’ with polished chrome door furniture. The surround is set with energy-efficient, argon-gas-filled double-glazed units and white astragal bars.

  • Our customer placed their order on June 6th, 2023 with a 3 – 5 five-week lead time for installation
  • The deposit paid was protected straight away with Installsure Deposit Indemnity Scheme the cost of which is included in the price
  • Our installations team was ready to go on July 10th, 2023, but the customer confirmed their preferred date of July 20th, 2023

There’s nothing more to say really…. the difference speaks for itself. This door will be the ‘head-turner’ in the street for years to come!

One very happy customer

Well done Dave for your expertise, solution-finding, smart way of thinking; To Rob for a slick ordering process and close liaison with suppliers: To Kerry & Toria for their effortless professionalism and profoundly genuine care for the customer; To Darren, Abbey & Wayne for their pre-installation management …and finally to John & Lloyd for excelling, yet again, with their workmanship & professionalism.


If you want to become the envy of your street, get in touch on 01253 893355 or email enquiries@abelglass.co.uk

What is a Juliet balcony?

A brief history of Juliet balconies

Juliet balconies originally stemmed from the work of William Shakespeare, more specifically ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Its popularity grew in the 19th century due to its desirable allure and connection to elegance.

Since then many builders have incorporated the Juliet balcony into their design or have later added it on to give an area of the house a sense of elegance.

What it’s worth

If you are looking to incorporate a Juliet balcony to your house or are looking for a property that already has one built in, then here are some benefits for you.

It creates a talking point for people visiting your house as well.


Typically, Juliet balconies are seen to be with french doors that are high up on a property. 

This allows you to open them up and look out onto your view without the fear and hazard of falling. 

If you have little ones or pets that like venturing to places they shouldn’t be and want to make sure they’ll be safe then Juliet balconies are perfect for this.

Juliet balconies create security without compromising style and the decor of your property. 

The versatility is unmatched.


This is more of a positive if you’re selling your property but having a Juliet balcony can help with the increase of your house value as well as its appeal.


If you’re looking to install a Juliet balcony for your home and you’re wondering about planning permission etc then do not worry.

In most cases, you will not need planning permission. With Juliet balconies not extending out or encroaching on another property, you can install one without worry.

If you want to be absolutely sure you can contact your LPA through your council.


Juliet balconies already offer so much, but even as a decor piece it really makes an impact. 

Whether you’re on the street walking by or looking out from it, Juliet balconies can create  such a centrepiece that any one will admire.

Finishing touches

Our expert team and our amazing materials are a must for homeowners looking into this so if you’re interested please get in touch. You can give us a call at 01253 893355 or email us at enquires@abelglass.co.uk.


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