The Advantages Of Installing uPVC Windows

Easy maintenance, durability and energy efficiency are just three of the reasons that UPVC windows are so popular. One of the most widely used materials when it comes to installing double glazing, they also offer excellent soundproofing and heat insulation, while coming in a range of styles and designs to perfectly suit the aesthetics of your home.

Our latest post here at Abelglass runs through some of the great advantages your home can benefit from by opting to install UPVC windows over any other materials.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

UPVC windows are made from 100% recyclable materials and manufactured through a low-pollution, low-emission process. UPVC was originally invented as an insulator, and both the design and materials used in the construction of UPVC windows afford far greater heat retention than materials like wood or aluminium. They’re also weather and corrosion resistant, which removes the need for re-finishing and extends their life.

Ultra Low-Maintenance

Wood warps and splits and metal tarnishes and rusts; both require regular, or at least annual, maintenance. Re-finishing, re-painting, sanding and varnishing can be time-consuming, while UPVC windows simply need a wipe clean with soap and warm water. Their unparalleled durability contributes to their low-maintenance appeal, and they won’t need replacing due to weathering.


Due to the ease of manufacture, UPVC windows are often far cheaper than wooden or metal alternatives. Timber or a metal like aluminium will generally cost you 30 per cent more than UPVC, and the savings you make from low-maintenance and enhanced energy efficiency quickly make UPVC a more economic choice.

Aesthetic Appeal

The perfect frame for double-glazing, the popularity of UPVC has led to a wealth of design possibilities. UPVC windows come in a wide range of styles designed to suit the period and ‘look’ of your home. Their simple, white, wipe-clean construction offers both elegance and practicality.


UPVC windows are expected to last up to 40 years and are considered one of the most robust, secure and durable options on the market; that’s why we offer a 10-year manufacturers guarantee with all our installations. Unlike timber of aluminium frames, wear and tear is often only superficial and won’t affect things like the quality of insulation.

That’s why, from single or double to triple glazed, on old or new builds, UPVC is the most popular choice for a stylish, practical and no-fuss window. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in everything from fitting to repairs, or visit our gallery for inspiration.


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