Add value to your home with double glazing

How to add value to your home with quality double glazing.

The nights are drawing in, winter is creeping upon us and the chances are you’ve put your heating back on. It may well be that you’ve also started to notice the odd draught and cold spot in your home.

double glazingIf you’re looking to keep your house warm and save some money then fitting new double glazing will definitely help.

In a recent survey, 88% of homeowners agree that their property feels warmer with new double glazed windows. And 90% agree that their property feels quieter. Installing new double glazing can also reduce your energy bills by an average of £110 per year.

In addition to energy bill savings. Fitting new double glazing can increase your property’s value by up to 10%. Many estate agents attest that double glazing can make your home more ‘saleable’. And a recent article in the Daily Express found that “80% of home buyers say double glazing is a ‘must-have feature’ when buying a property.”

The average price in the UK for a semi-detached house is currently £210,000. Which means that new double glazing could add £21000 in value to your home. The average cost for replacing windows in a semi-detached house is only £4000. Which makes it a very lucrative investment.

The right type of double glazing is also very important.

For example, installing uPVC double glazed windows in a period home would actually decrease the property’s desirability. Causing its value to fall. Here at Abelglass we have a vast range of different styles, in uPVC or aluminium, including Vertical Sliding Sashes, Tilt & Turn and Casements.

We can also accommodate your choice of design, whether it’s a circular window you need or even a window with a specific angle or curve. With a vast choice of colours and effects to suit any period or imagination, we can help you make the right choice for your property and budget.

The units in all of our windows are glazed, as standard, using an advanced performance, low emission glass – PLANITHERM TOTAL +.

This means your windows will offer you up to three times more insulation than standard double glazing. This glass is also the ideal low-E solution for compliance with Building Regulations relating to energy efficiency, and filling each unit with Argon gas offers an added reduction in heat loss. New windows can make a huge difference to the appearance and value of your property, they will also keep you warmer and make your home more economically efficient.

Don’t let double glazing cost deter you from updating your home, it could very well end up saving you money.

Contact Abelglass today to find out how we can save you money with our range of double glazed windows.

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