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  • safety screens

    Safety Screens & Social Distancing – The New Work Normal

    Businesses in England are beginning to get back to work. However, safety screens, hand sanitiser and one-way-systems are the new normal for keeping workers and the general public safe. Many businesses around the country are happily throwing open their doors to employees and customers alike. Factories, offices and some shops have been operating since mid-June. […]

  • integral blinds in doors

    Integral Blinds Provide Light & Shade

    Integral blinds are the perfect solution if you have a room which you avoid using on a sunny day. Windows with built in blinds allow you to control the amount of light so that it’s just right for you. Rooms such as south-facing lounges, conservatories and Orangeries can experience too much light at certain times […]

  • mould around windows

    Top Tips To Stop Mould Around Windows

    Top Tips To Stop Mould Around Windows Many homes, particularly older homes, are prone to getting mould around windows. This can cause damage to window frames, especially timber ones, and cause health problems. Whilst the mould certainly doesn’t look nice, it’s not the biggest problem. Living with mould in your house can lead to health […]