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  • How To Maintain Bifold Doors And Prevent Them From Leaking

    The addition of bifold doors can dramatically improve the functionality and overall appearance of a room. When used to access outside space, they flood the room with natural light making it appear brighter and more spacious. When used to access other rooms, bifold doors create the impression of an ‘open-plan’ layout without the need to […]

  • composite doors

    Composite Doors

    Composite Doors Are The Finishing Touch If you’re looking for some curb appeal you can’t go wrong with composite doors. They are the perfect way to create an impact or enhance the existing style of your home. Composite front doors are not just stylish, they are also very durable with excellent security features. And with […]

  • orangery

    Orangery or Conservatory?

    If you are looking to upgrade your home or need extra space. You may be deliberating between a conservatory or an orangery. So, what is the difference between the two? Both an Orangery & Conservatory have similarities in their construction. As they are both built on a solid concrete foundation and will usually incorporate some form […]